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BOS Jarren Duran
Boston Red Sox
OF: 96   DH: 1  
2024 Projected Value: $13
Based on 10-team AL-only league

Player Stats      Daily Log
2024 proj 428 115 57 9 46 29 123 25 0.269 30.6
2023 332 98 46 8 40 24 90 24 0.295 31.5
2022 204 45 23 3 17 14 63 7 0.221 6.0
2021 107 23 17 2 10 4 40 2 0.215 3.1

Player News XML
Date News
3/01/24 Blazing-fast Jarren Duran believes he can add something to his game — more speed. Duran said he “runs like a lizard,” with too much sideways movement. “It'll clean me up and hopefully make me faster,” Duran said. Duran made his spring training debut Friday in a 5-3 loss against the Twins at Hammond Stadium. The Sox eased Duran into the action to make sure he was fully healthy after season-ending surgery on his left big toe in August.
3/01/24 How Red Sox's Outfield Could Shape Future Of Franchise Beyond 2024. The Red Sox aim to compete for a postseason spot this season, but they also are set up well for the future, especially in the outfield. Boston potentially could start Jarren Duran, Ceddanne Rafaela and Wilyer Abreu in the outfield on Opening Day.
2/25/24 Jarren Duran on Red Sox fans embracing him, scrutiny for scaling wall, hair. FORT MYERS, Fla. — Jarren Duran got booed at times during his difficult 2022 season and he felt the pressure. In August 2022, he admitted “a lot of fans want me out of here” and he even asked for forgiveness . But Red Sox fans warmed up to him quite a bit in 2023 as he hustled his way to 34 doubles, batted .295 with a .346 on-base percentage and posted the second best fWAR (2.4) on the Red Sox behind only Rafael Devers (3.1). He's not completely sure how fans feel about him now but he hopes they have embraced him and his style of play. “I think they did. I hope they did,” Duran told MassLive on Saturday at JetBlue Park. “I don't know. I'm just hard on myself so I never think that people like
2/20/24 Watch Mic'd Up Jarren Duran Pick Out New Glove At Red Sox Spring Training. Red Sox outfielder Jarren Duran spent some time in the batting cage before picking out a new glove for the upcoming season. “So upset right now, man,” Duran said to assistant hitting coach Ben Rosenthal, per team-provided video. The speedy center fielder joked about the microphone catching his singing as he took some swings in the cage before meeting the Rawlings rep for a new glove. “Let's go look at some gloves,” Duran said.
2/19/24 Red Sox's Jarren Duran Reveals Story Behind Little-Known Nickname. Sign In Boston Red Sox outfielder Jarren Duran unveiled the origin story behind a nickname the 27-year-old had bestowed upon him from an ex-teammate. While getting prepared for the upcoming 2024 season at spring training, Duran revealed the individual responsible for the nickname, along with what current Red Sox teammates have helped keep it alive. “So that started with (Hunter) Renfroe calling me Dory one time, and now everybody just calls me Dory,” Duran revealed , per team-provided video. “So it's just kind of stuck. It kind of carried a lot last when (Justin Turner) kind of carried it on, just kept calling me Dory. And Bob (Dalbec) still calls me Dory, Trevor (Story) still calls me Dory so

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