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SF Brett Wisely
San Francisco Giants
2B: 37   SS: 1   OF: 19  
2024 Projected Value: $0
Based on 10-team NL-only league

Player Stats      Daily Log
2024 proj 120 21 10 2 8 9 40 2 0.175 -1.0
2023 120 21 10 2 8 9 40 2 0.175 -1.0

Player News XML
Date News
1/10/24 Player Review: Brett Wisely. The fact that we're talking about Brett Wisely right now is a bit problematic. If you were to go back in time to last January and whisper in the ear of your past self that Brett Wisely would get 130 plate appearances in 2023, you'd probably slump your shoulders and nod numbly in knowing defeat. Chances are Wisely logging nearly 245 defensive innings at second base and nearly 100 in the outfield indicates the San Francisco Giants' season didn't quite go as planned. The plan was Thairo Estrada not fracturing his hand; the plan was to have centerfield not be a black hole of mediocrity indiscriminately pulling veteran and prospect alike into its center; the plan was Brandon Crawford's swan song not to pitch flat; the plan was for most midseason call-ups not to look completely bamboozled by big league pitching; while the plan for Brett Wisely was as a bench bat, late-inning defensive replacement, a spot start against a right-hander to give Estrada a breather, a closer in a blow-out, a quadruple-A player.
8/30/23 Minor League round up, 8/29: Grant McCray and Aeverson Arteaga take flight. All four of the San Francisco Giants Minor League Baseball affiliates were in action on Tuesday, so let's jump right into all the action. AAA Sacramento infielder/center fielder Brett Wisely (No. 33 CPL) has been placed on the 7-Day Injured List.

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