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Please choose the following league parameters. You can use fractions to account for 1B/3B, 2B/SS and DH positions on your roster. For example, if your roster allows 1 1B, 1 3B and 1 1B/3B, you can split the 1B/3B positions evenly by choosing 1.5 players at 1B and 1.5 players at 3B. Default values below represent a typical 23-man rotisserie squad.

All players will now be listed at all positions at which they qualify. For example, if a player qualifies at both 1B and OF, he will now appear in both sections. Note that the totals by position will only reflect the total dollar values for his primary position.

Suggested Values to Use: AL Defaults * NL Defaults * Mixed

Number of Teams:
Team Salary Cap:
MLB League(s):
MLB Season:
Active Catchers: % of team salary
Active First Basemen: % of team salary
Active Second Basemen: % of team salary
Active Third Basemen: % of team salary
Active Shortstops: % of team salary
Active Outfielders: % of team salary
Active Designated Hitters: % of team salary
Active Pitchers: % of team salary
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