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The current price of the spreadsheet is $19.95. You will receive all updates free of charge until our projections are finalized on Opening Day. To purchase, just click any of the BUY NOW buttons you see on this page or click here:

Fantasy Baseball Draft Day Spreadsheet

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If you are like me, you want to be in complete control during your fantasy draft. A lot of times, the draft can go a bit too fast for you to keep up with all of the goings on - especially in auction leagues. It's nearly impossible to keep an accurate track of all the money each team has left, which positions they need, let alone your own team.

Draft Tool Well, we have a solution for you and it is SO easy to use! TG Fantasy Baseball has partnered with to bring you a special price on this tremendous worksheet.

Some features include:
  • Customization of scoring based on your league rules
  • Customization of roster size including the number of players at each position
  • Standard drafts or auctions supported
  • Projected stats for 2024 included and updated right up until Opening Day
  • Draft board worksheet sortable by position or draft round
  • Easy-to-read data showing $ and positions left for each team

View This Video To See How This Fantasy Baseball Draft Spreadsheet Works

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More Details Than You Could Ever Want To Know

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Our fantasy baseball draft worksheet uses Microsoft Excel to create a comprehensive, powerful draft board & cheatsheet. Don't worry about keeping track of ANYTHING in the auction draft board and our standard draft board - we do it for you! For fantasy baseball auction drafts, we even have auction values that are updated throughout the draft or auction!!!
Our fantasy baseball draft spreadsheet & cheatsheet::
  • Keeps track of "Total Spent So Far" (Sum of all dollars spent)
  • Keeps track of "Total Remaining" (Salary Cap minus 'Total Spent So Far')
  • Keeps track of "1 Player Max"
  • Sum of all dollars spent
  • Minimum $ amount for all remaining players
  • "How much can I spend on 1 player?"
  • Provides a drop down list of all fantasy baseball positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, DH, SP, RP, MI and CI
  • Player Pool options: All MLB Players, American League Only, National League Only<. New For 2015! - Custom pool options now available where you can pick any combination of the 30 MLB teams
  • Removes the player for the available players drop down box as players are drafted
  • Handles all three scoring styles: Points Scoring, Rotisserie and Head-to-Head
After you've customized your draft board, you will be taken to your Fantasy Baseball Draft Board...this feature will enable you to toggle from team to team as well as view the overall league summary.

All you have to enter is the dollar amount each player is auctioned for. If you selected "Standard" as your draft type, no dollar amounts are necessary.

Our fantasy baseball draft spreadsheet does everything you need on draft night...except draft you a championship! That's up to you.

Our draft spreadheet works for both redraft fantasy baseball leagues and keeper fantasy baseball leagues.

If you have Excel on your computer, you have all you need. Once your payment is processed, you will receive an instant email with instructions on how to download your copy of our Fantasy Baseball Draft Tool.
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Full Customization

  • Fantasy Baseball Draft Type (that's right, one tool takes care of BOTH Auction draft styles and Standard Draft Styles)
  • The amount of teams (8 through 20)
  • Ability to add Custom Team Names
  • Roster Spots (up to 40 Recently enhanced from a limit of 30)
  • Minimum Auction Price ($1 to $100 or enter your own)
  • Total Team Salary Cap ($25 to $1000), if All Teams have the Same Cap
  • Individual Salary Caps for each team (Usually applicable for Keeper Leagues)

Cheat Sheet Features

  • Fully integrated with Draft Board & Player Pool
  • Once a player has been selected, your cheatsheet is automatically updated
  • Sort based on any statistical category (with Ascending or Descending options)

Live Auction Features

  • Starting Auction Value - represents the auction value at the start of the draft before any picks are made, based on your customized league settings.
  • Current Auction Value - represents the current auction value throughout the draft. Meaning, as picks are made and dollars are spent, the Current Value is updated accordingly. If owners are overpaying for players, the current value will go down as there is less money to be spent on the players, however, if owners are getting players cheaper than the Start Value, then the Current Value will go up as there is more money than expected to be spent.


Our fantasy draft tools software is Microsoft Excel based and is compatible with:

Windows - All versions of Windows PCs running any version of Microsoft Excel, including Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. The Office 365 version of Excel is also supported, but only the Windows version.
Mac - All Versions of a Mac running any version of Microsoft Excel, including Excel 2011, except Excel 2008

Our fantasy draft tools software is Microsoft Excel based and is NOT compatible with:

Mac - Any version of Mac that is running Microsoft Excel 2008
Mac version of Excel, "Numbers"
Open Office version of Excel, "Calc"
Microsoft Excel Starter Version
Microsoft Works
Google Docs
Any tablet, including the 'Surface' running Microsoft Excel
Office running on iPhone or iPad
Office 365 Web version
Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Your draft is important. Use our auction/standard draft spreadsheet & cheatsheet combo file to make your fantasy baseball draft night successful and less stressful.