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Fantasy Baseball Draft Day Spreadsheet Frequently Asked Questions

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My league uses Corner Infield (CI) and Middle Infield (MI) positions. How do I adjust the scoring to account for these two positions?
On the Scoring tab, set the position counts for 1B, 2B, SS and 3B all to 1.5 instead of 1. That will account for the extra player at both 1B/3B for CI and 2B/SS for MI.

My league uses pitchers and doesn’t break them out between SP and RP. How do I account for this?
You can split the SP and RP positions up any way you’d like, but we recommend 6 SP and 3 RP for the break-out. This will give the most accurate estimate for players taken in a typical league with 9 pitchers.

My league uses a Utility position. How do I adjust the scoring to account for the Utility position, which can be a player at any offensive position?
For the Utility position, we recommend taking the one utility spot and spreading it among other positions. For example, a typical league will have 5 OF. Well, to take into account the UT spot, add a portion of a player to make OF 5.5 players. That leaves another 0.5 player to be spread among other positions - we would recommend adding .2 to 1B and .1 to the other three infield positions. That would spread the wealth around the different positions. Of course, you can tweak these numbers any way you'd like to get the results you'd like.

Players who qualify at more than one position are only shown in their primary position tab. Why can't they be shown in all tabs that they qualify for?
The reason that a player cannot be in multiple position tabs is purely a math constraint. If a player was listed in two different positions, the amount of $ remaining would be incorrect as there would be lots of double counting, which would cause invalid results throughout the spreadsheet. You can see the multiple positions a player is listed at in the position tabs. Also, in the cheat sheet, there's an "All hitters" list that will obviously include everyone there as well.

My league uses a 7x7 scoring system, but I only see 4x4 and 5x5 scoring systems. How do I adjust the spreadsheet to handle this?
Our recommendation is to start with the roto 5x5 option and then adjust the points based on your additional two categories. For example, if you use walks as a category, change the points on walks from 0 to 2 (or whatever number you feel is appropriate). All of the categories should be able to be represented by the data we have available. For SLG and OBP, check the Read Me tab for details on setting those up as well.

Can I weight hitting/pitching allocation of points? For example, if my league tends to spend 70% on hitting (vs 65%), can I adjust the points?
Yes, you can weight any categories any way you’d like by adjusting the points in the Scoring tab.

Can scoring categories be customized? For example, can I use net wins (W-L) instead of just wins?
Yes, Losses can be used to adjust the ratings of players in the Scoring tab. In fact, any scoring category that uses these data points for batters can be used: At Bats, Singles, Doubles, Triples, Home Runs, RBI, Runs Scored, Walks, Strikeouts, Stolen Bases, Caught Stealing and Games Played. For pitchers, these categories and any combination thereof can be used: Innings Pitched, Games played, Games started, Games completed, Wins, Losses, Saves, Hits Allowed, Walks, Strikeouts, Earned Runs and Shut Outs. Please note that Holds are not currently supported, but may be in future seasons.

How are qualifications for players at different positions determined?
Position eligibility used in the spreadsheet are based on standard rotisserie rules – at least 20 games at a position during the previous year or, if 20 games weren’t played, the position at which the player appeared most. If the player has not played in the majors before, the player at which he is projected to play will be used. This cannot be adjusted.

Can this draft day tool handle trades?
Yes, when players are drafted using the tool, you can assign them to any team, so it offers the flexibility of handling any trade.

Do I need a different tool for auctions vs. standard drafts?
No, the tool has an option available on the Scoring tab for you to select your player acquisition style – auction or draft.

How big is player pool and can I add players who aren’t in the pool?
Our player pool is updated from the CBS Sports website. Any player with a projected at-bat or inning-pitched will appear in the spreadsheet. If you still need to add a player, you can always write them in.

Can I update the projections?
The projections are updated typically just before Spring Training and then just about weekly up to the beginning of the season. You will automatically receive these updates after your purchase. If you want to override our projections, you can do so by changing our projections on each individual cheatsheet. However, when we release an updated version, your overrides will no longer be there and would have to be manually entered again.

Excel is asking for a password, what is it?
If Excel is asking you for a password, then you are trying to edit a locked cell. Many cells in the spreadsheet are locked down to ensure that the calculations and automation built maintain their integrity. The only cells you can edit are those in the Scoring tab and then, of course, in the Draft board, where you enter players.

Excel is giving me an error that macros are not enabled, how do I enable them?
Here are details on enabling macros in the different versions of Excel: Click Here

How many teams can the tool support?
The tool will support anywhere between 8 and 20 team-leagues.

How many roster spots can a team draft?
The tool will allow up to 40 roster spots per team.

Do I need internet access during the draft to use this tool?
No, the tool uses your version of Excel on your computer, so no Internet access is required while using it. You will need internet access to get updates, but do not need internet access during your draft.

Which version of Excel do I need?
The tool supports all versions of Windows PCs running any version of Microsoft Excel, including Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. The Office 365 version of Excel is also supported, but only the Windows version. The web version of Office 365 is not supported. For Mac, any version of Excel EXCEPT Excel 2008 is supported, including Excel 2011.

Can I use this tool on my iPad?
Unfortunately, Excel for iPads do not support macros, which are required for this spreadsheet to work properly. So, until that support is provided by Microsoft, you cannot use this spreadsheet on an iPad.

Can I print the spreadsheet and bring it to my draft?
Sure, you can do this, but you won’t be using all of the power of the sheet. The real power is to show the remaining players and the values as they adjust after each pick. Still, there is no restriction on printing whichever sheets you’d like.

My league uses a unique player pool of the NL East and AL West, can this tool support this?
YES! This is a new feature for 2015. The tool will support AL Only, NL Only, All MLB or any combination of the 30 teams you want. Simply choose AL Only or NL Only from the League Pool drop-down and then change the designation of each MLB team you want to AL or NL so that they correspond with the league choice you make.

My league is a head-to-head league, will this tool support that scoring style?
Yes, the tool supports typical rotisserie scoring, points scoring or head-to-head leagues.

My league is a keeper league; can I enter the keepers prior to the draft?
Yes, you can enter any players on rosters prior to your draft.

Once I set up keepers in the spreadsheet, will the updates I get overwrite the players I’ve already assigned to teams?
No, with each update, we provide simple instructions as to how to make your updates without losing any players already on rosters.

I downloaded the spreadsheet onto my home computer, but I want to use a different computer on Draft day, can I do that?
Yes, you can copy the spreadsheet for use on any of your own computers.

Where is the "Search" feature?
You can use Excel's native "Find" functionality. Be sure to select "Workbook" and "Values" see below: Excel Search

More Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.