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We have put together a comprehensive list of all your fantasy baseball draft and auction needs! Everything you could possibly need for your draft or auction is right here! Please let us know if you would like to see anything else added to this page or any changes.

Fantasy Baseball Draft Day Spreadsheet

If you are like me, you want to be in complete control during your fantasy draft. A lot of times, the draft can go a bit too fast for you to keep up with all of the goings on - especially in auction leagues. It's nearly impossible to keep an accurate track of all the money each team has left, which positions they need, let alone your own team.

Well, we have a solution for you and it is SO easy to use! TG Fantasy Baseball has partnered with to bring you a special price on this tremendous worksheet.

Some features include:
  • Customization of scoring based on your league rules
  • Customization of roster size including the number of players at each position
  • Standard drafts or auctions supported
  • Projected stats for 2024 included and updated right up until Opening Day
  • Draft board worksheet sortable by position or draft round
  • Easy-to-read data showing $ and positions left for each team
Get more detailed information about our draft day spreadsheet here
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Dollar Value Calculator

Our Dollar Value Calculator allows you to customize our prices for any league size. You have the ability to change the weight of each position (maybe you want to value pitchers more than hitters, for example). The results are based on our 2024 projections and are a great way to generate your own custom cheat sheet for your upcoming auction.

Run the Dollar Value Calculator here

2024 Projections

Our fantasy baseball projections are constantly updated throughout Spring Training based on all the latest injury news, playing time changes, and anything else that may affect upcoming performance. These projections are completely free to view and download to Excel. You can download them for yourself and make any adjustments you'd like, all in Excel.

View Projections here
Free Stat Downloads
Visit our stats page and download, completely free of course, the final 2023 Major League Baseball statistics and position counts. You can view them in PDF, Text or Excel formats. Yes, even Mac users can use these!

Download your own copy here

Draft Simulator

Practice for your draft with the best mock drafting experience in fantasy sports. Key Features:
  • Complete fast, realistic mock drafts in minutes.
  • Customize your mock drafts with keepers, scoring rules & roster positions.
  • Test different draft strategies and quickly revert picks to view different scenarios.
  • Get an instant grade and analysis at the end of your mock draft.
  • Mock draft using any format including salary cap drafts and custom draft orders.
Run the Free Draft Simulator now

Auction Simulator

Practice for your baseball draft with powerful salary cap mock drafts. Key Features:
  • Mock draft against realistic opponents in advance of your salary cap.
  • Practice with your league settings including budget, teams and keepers.
  • Revert picks at any time to test different draft strategies.
  • Speed up clock settings and use the Pass feature to run ultra-fast mocks.
  • View an instant grade and projected standings for your completed mock draft.
Run the Auction Simulator now (requires upgrade)

Cheat Sheet Creator

Create custom rankings for your fantasy baseball draft. Key Features:
  • Combine rankings from 60+ experts into one consensus cheat sheet.
  • Use consensus projections to create custom cheat sheets tailored to your league.
  • Adjust rankings via simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Add tiers, expert notes and player tags (sleeper/target/avoid).
  • Get fantasy baseball salary cap values customized to your league settings.
Get your free Cheat Sheet now

Real-Time Draft Assistant

Optimize your picks with expert advice during your baseball draft. Key Features:
  • View real time expert recommendations for each draft pick.
  • Sync with your draft to automatically cross players off your cheat sheet (MVP/HOF only).
  • View % odds that players will still be available at your next turn.
  • Find out your team's strengths and weakness as the draft progresses.
  • Support for salary cap drafts, keeper leagues, and custom draft formats.
Run the Draft Assistant now (requires upgrade)

Auction Calculator

Create custom dollar values and rankings based on Zeile™ consensus projections. Key Features:
  • Customize salary cap values based on your league's scoring and roster settings.
  • Add tiers, expert notes and player tags to your cheat sheet.
  • Adjust dollar values on the fly for keeper and in-draft inflation.
  • Use with live Draft Assistant to automatically cross off taken players.
Run the Auction Calculator now

Draft Analyzer

View an instant analysis of your fantasy baseball mock and real drafts. Key Features:
  • View a grade for your draft as soon as it concludes.
  • Access projected standings along with Starter and Bench ratings.
  • See your strengths and weaknesses compared to the rest of the league.
  • Find out which draft picks were steals and reaches.
  • Analyze salary cap drafts, keeper leagues, and custom draft formats.
Run your draft analyzer now

Mock Drafts

Configure your 2024 fantasy baseball mock draft settings. You can do as many mock drafts as you like so feel free to play around with different options to help hone your draft skills and strategies.
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Who to Draft?

Select 2 different players and our system will offer a draft recommendation and supporting analytics.
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Another Cheat Sheet

Configure a new fantasy baseball draft cheat sheet
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