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ATL Sean Murphy
Atlanta Braves
C: 102   DH: 5  
2024 Projected Value: $12
Based on 10-team NL-only league

Player Stats      Daily Log
2024 proj 429 105 63 19 66 50 109 0 0.245 25.3
2023 370 93 65 21 68 49 98 0 0.251 29.1
2022 537 134 67 18 66 56 124 1 0.250 25.1
2021 393 85 47 17 59 40 114 0 0.216 15.5

Player News XML
Date News
2/04/24 Braves star confirms he struggled with the Atlanta heat last season. Braves star confirms he struggled with the Atlanta heat last season The Atlanta Braves have reason to believe they'll get better production from behind the plate in 2024 Author: Lindsay Crosby Publish date: Feb 4, 2024 1:46 PM EST Playing for the Atlanta Braves isn't a walk in the park. It's a historic franchise with lofty expectations, but there's an under-discussed element to it, as well: The climate. Braves catcher and offseason acquisition Sean Murphy addressed the Atlanta weather at BravesFest and admitted it bothered him at times this season. “I learned a ton in my first summer. Obviously I've never played every day in this kind of heat,” Murphy said, as first reported by
1/24/24 Sean Murphy was one of the best catchers in the MLB last season. Sean Murphy was one of the best catchers in the MLB last season When it comes to being elite behind the dish, there were not many better catchers than Sean Murphy. Author: Kyle Richardson Publish date: Jan 24, 2024 9:18 AM EST When the Atlanta Braves traded for Sean Murphy, he was known for being one of the best defensive catchers in the MLB. During his first year in Atlanta, he further proved that stat. You can see partly why he was so elite in this clip below. Let's go even further than that, though. Let's get into the real meat and potatoes of the conversation. When you are talking about stats for a player, MLB Statcast is probably the best place to go. Murphy's statcast numbers
1/11/24 Atlanta's Sean Murphy named top three catcher in baseball by MLB Network. Atlanta's Sean Murphy named top three catcher in baseball by MLB Network Despite a 2nd half slump last season, Murphy's seen as one of the best backstops in all of MLB Author: Lindsay Crosby Updated: Jan 11, 2024 10:35 AM EST Original: Jan 11, 2024 Because this is the slowest offseason in recorded history for Major League Baseball, the league's official network is still trying to find things to talk about. Enter more rankings! A day after unveiling their "Top 10 Right Now" for starting pitchers and recognizing both Spencer Strider and Max Fried, MLB Network continues to throw some love Atlanta's way. This time, on their catcher list, Atlanta Braves backstop Sean Murphy gets slotted
11/25/23 2023 Athletics Season in Review: Kyle Muller. A former 2nd-round pick from the 2016 Draft, Muller had spent the entirety of his pro career in the Braves' system slowly rising the ranks, finally cracking the majors in 2021 for eight starts for Atlanta. Muller came to Oakland as the headline return piece from the Sean Murphy trade to Atlanta, along with outfielder Esteury Ruiz and pitchers Freddy Tarnok and Royber Salinas. Muller and Ruiz made the Opening Day roster while the other two began the year in the minors.
11/19/23 [SB Nation: Athletics Nation] - It’s Terrible To Be In Forst Place. You’re David Forst and you already have the disadvantage of apparently not being all that great at your job. You felt you "had" to trade Sean Murphy and so you accepted Kyle Muller in a tepid...

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