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CHC Cody Bellinger
Chicago Cubs
1B: 59   OF: 84   DH: 3  
2024 Projected Value: $20
Based on 10-team NL-only league

Player Stats      Daily Log
2024 proj 469 120 77 21 77 38 109 15 0.256 38.4
2023 499 153 95 26 97 40 87 20 0.307 61.5
2022 504 105 70 19 68 38 150 14 0.208 22.4
2021 315 52 39 10 36 31 94 3 0.165 1.9

Player News XML
Date News
3/03/24 Angels stretching out emerging reliever telegraphing intentions with Snell, Montgomery?. The Los Angeles Angels' offseason has been rather tumultuous. Both Snell and Montgomery have been linked to the Halos this offseason. After Cody Bellinger's deal earlier this week, it's been rumored that Snell may be looking at signing a short-term deal this spring with the potential to re-enter the free agent market again next winter. Montgomery's market is bit different, but there's still a chance that he could find his way to LA as well.
3/02/24 Favor to Scott Boras may lead to surprise Chicago Cubs free agent signing. The Chicago Cubs did a solid for agent Scott Boras on Wednesday when they allowed him to be seated at the table along with president Jed Hoyer for a press conference to formally announce the signing of Cody Bellinger to a three-year deal. With there being whispers of collusion against Boras and his negotiating tactics this off-season, the image on Wednesday was important for where things stand between the super agent and the Cubs. While giving his thoughts on free agency, Boras was asked about whether or not there will be a sequel to the press conference on Wednesday and he looked toward Jed Hoyer--almost to say that the Cubs could use another one of his clients.
3/01/24 3 Cubs players who'll make the Opening Day roster but won't last the season. With Cody Bellinger officially back with the Chicago Cubs, the tune has changed about the team's offseason. Bellinger's presence on the 26-man roster lessens the need for fans to squint at the roster to see a team capable of making the postseason. While there is never a Spring Training that passes where there isn't an emphasis on who will make the Opening Day roster, it's important to remember that the Opening Day is written in pencil, with names added and removed throughout the entire season. Cubs players will be with the team on Opening Day, but their spot on the roster won't last.
3/01/24 Chicago baseball report: A healthy Yoán Moncada sees early results for White Sox — and does MLB need a deadline for free-agent signings?. GLENDALE and MESA, Ariz. — Every camp has prominent players who come in hoping for a rebound year. Cody Bellinger was that guy last year for the Chicago Cubs and wound up winning MLB’s Comeback Player of the Year award. White Sox third baseman Yoán Moncada is looking to change his fortunes this spring after battling a back injury last season. Can Moncada do in 2024 what Bellinger did? So far, ...
2/29/24 Trading this specific player makes too much sense for the Cubs not to do it. The Chicago Cubs finally gave in to fan sentiment and signed Cody Bellinger. OK, it probably had nothing to do with the fans begging for it, even if the Cubs' social media team had a little bit of fun with the announcement. It forced the team to remove a player from their 40-man roster. It put the team precariously close to the first level of the competitive balance tax that team ownership has already spoken out about wanting to avoid.

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