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SD Jhony Brito
San Diego Padres
2024 Projected Value: $1
2024 Actual Value: $0 Difference: $-1
Based on 10-team NL-only league

Player Stats      Daily Log
Year W L Sv Hold IP H BB SO ER ERA WHIP Rate
2024 proj 7 6 0 0 101.0 93 33 82 46 4.10 1.248 19.3
2024 0 2 0 0 6.7 12 2 3 6 8.10 2.100 -45.8
2023 9 7 1 1 90.3 82 28 72 43 4.28 1.218 22.4

Player News XML
Date News
3/17/24 Padres 1, Team Korea 0: Jackson Merrill has 2 hits, 8 pitchers combine on shutout.

Padres turn in paltry offensive showing in second-to-last exhibition game; Jhony Brito strong at start

3/06/24 Report: Padres Had Interest in 3 Veteran Starters. Report: Padres Had Interest in 3 Veteran Starters The starting rotation remains a massive question mark heading into the season. Author: Kevin Skinner Publish date: Mar 6, 2024 3:59 PM EST The Padres open the season against the Los Angeles Dodgers in a couple of weeks, but their starting rotation remains a massive hole . As of right now, FanGraphs projects Jhony Brito and Randy Vásquez as the fourth and fifth starters. Both pitchers debuted last season and combined to make 18 major league starts, a relative dearth of experience compared to the top of the Padres' rotation. According to Dennis Lin of The Athletic, the Padres had talks with Hyun-Jin Ryu before the veteran left-hander signed
3/04/24 Padres Highlights: Jhony Brito Takes a Big Step Forward in Starting Rotation Bid. Padres Highlights: Jhony Brito Takes a Big Step Forward in Starting Rotation Bid The right-hander strikes out six batters in three shutout innings against the Chicago Cubs. Author: J.P. Hoornstra Publish date: Mar 4, 2024 6:18 PM EST The San Diego Padres' starting rotation depth will be mentioned as an area of concern until — well, until it isn't. A few more days like Monday, and the Padres might be able to turn a perceived weakness into a strength. Starting pitcher Jhony Brito struck out six Chicago Cubs batters in 3.1 scoreless innings, pitching around five hits in the Padres' 2-1 victory at the Peoria Sports Complex. Here are the highlights of Brito's six strikeouts: Brito,
2/23/24 Spring training update: Matt Waldron efficient, Cal Mitchell drives in run; Dodgers beat Padres.

Padres score one run for second consecutive day; rotation hopefuls Jhony Brito and Matt Waldron work two innings apiece

1/29/24 Yankees should see 'quite a bit' of Will Warren as top prospects join the mix. The injury bug never relented after it began biting Yankees starters during spring training last year. Two of them, Jhony Brito and Randy Vásquez, had not debuted prior to 2023. “It's probably not ideal to have Brito and Vásquez both here trying to take the turn every time,” pitching coach Matt Blake admitted last August, “but that's where we're at.” Brito and Vásquez are now in San Diego, traded to the Padres in the Juan Soto deal.

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