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NYM Francisco Lindor
New York Mets
SS: 158   DH: 1  
2024 Projected Value: $19
2024 Actual Value: $14 Difference: $-5
Based on 10-team NL-only league

Player Stats      Daily Log
2024 proj 527 135 89 25 86 56 116 20 0.256 45.6
2024 278 64 41 11 32 23 50 11 0.230 35.6
2023 602 153 108 31 98 66 137 31 0.254 57.1
2022 630 170 98 26 107 59 133 16 0.270 52.7

Player News XML
Date News
6/15/24 Francisco Lindor and Brandon Nimmo make key defensive plays in Mets' win. The hardest part, Francisco Lindor said, was the flip. His feet were already on the outfield grass when he collected Donovan Solano's grounder in the fourth inning. His body's momentum was shifting away from the target — Jeff McNeil's glove at second base — for the ball, too. 3 Francisco Lindor fields a ball by Padres designated hitter Donovan Solano during the fourth inning of the Mets' 5-1 win. USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con But in one motion — one “special” motion, as manager Carlos Mendoza described it — Lindor lofted the ball toward McNeil and roared toward fans beyond the outfield fence after the fielder's choice sequence ended the frame. Explore More Mets' Jose Quintana comes up with
6/12/24 Francisco Lindor launches 10th home run of year to extend Mets' lead over Marlins. Francisco Lindor launched his 10th home run of the year to extend the New York Mets' lead over the Miami Marlins.
6/09/24 Players' London call: Less time off, more teams. Francisco Lindor calls the Mets' trip to London "fantastic," but thought play could have began Friday, a day after teams got to England. Jeff McNeil backed an idea to have four teams play there in a cup-style tournament instead of two.
6/08/24 Mets' Francisco Lindor gets 100% real on pressure of playing in New York. New York sports teams always have an extra spotlight on them as every franchise in that city is a big market team. From the sounds of it, Francisco Lindor notices a huge difference between playing for the New York Mets and the Cleveland Guardians. Lindor breaks it down perfectly during an interview on FOX Sports with New York Yankees legend, Alex Rodriguez, who is also familiar with the New York spotlight. The pressure of playing New York is no joke but Francisco Lindor seems to be handling it just fine at this point in his career.
6/07/24 What playing international games means to Francisco Lindor and the Mets. LONDON — Francisco Lindor was 9 years old when he attended his first and only major league game before signing a professional contract. That game was in 2003, when the Montreal Expos were playing a portion of their home schedule in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Lindor and a cousin attended a Rangers-Expos game. It's a memory that struck Lindor this week when he was asked about the Mets and Phillies playing two games in MLB's London Series , beginning Saturday. Lindor had to wonder how many kids from Great Britain would be getting to attend their first major league game. “I think it's good for the game because it helps it expand,” Lindor told Sports+. “There could be many kids who attend who turn into

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