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PHI J.T. Realmuto
Philadelphia Phillies
C: 133  
2024 Projected Value: $21
Based on 10-team NL-only league

Player Stats      Daily Log
2024 proj 492 129 71 20 72 39 130 17 0.262 38.3
2023 489 123 70 20 63 35 138 16 0.252 33.8
2022 504 139 75 22 84 41 119 21 0.276 46.5
2021 476 125 64 17 73 48 129 13 0.263 34.2

Player News XML
Date News
2/16/24 J.T. Realmuto gives young Phillies fan a surprise he'll always remember. An eight-year-old fan had an afternoon with J.T. Realmuto at Phillies camp that he'll never forget.
2/15/24 Phillies happy to see Charlie Manuel back in his 'comfort zone' around the batting cage. At about 7:45 a.m. Thursday, Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto walked into the indoor batting cages at BayCare Ballpark and saw a familiar face. It was Charlie Manuel. The former Phillies manager had suffered a stroke last September, and was still in the process of getting back to his normal self. When Realmuto caught up with him at Phantasy Camp, in January, Manuel was unusually quiet.
1/14/24 Is Phillies’ J.T. Realmuto still the best catcher in baseball?. Read - Is Phillies' J.T. Realmuto still the best catcher in baseball? - and more Phillies news and rumors on
1/04/24 Phillies' Former Catcher Signs With WS Champs. Phillies' Former Catcher Signs With World Series Champion Rangers A former highly-regarded catcher with the Philadelphia Phillies signed a deal with the World Series champions this offseason. Author: Brad Wakai Publish date: Jan 4, 2024 7:00 PM EST In this story: Philadelphia Phillies The Philadelphia Phillies are very happy with their current catcher situation. J.T. Realmuto is considered to one of the best, if not the best, player at his position in all of baseball and Garrett Stubbs is one of the best clubhouse guys on their roster. But, once upon a time, the Phillies thought they landed a future star when they selected Andrew Knapp with their second round pick in the 2013 MLB Draft. He immediately
12/18/23 2023 Phillies in review: J.T. Realmuto. It's difficult to watch sometimes, but it is part of the game. J.T. Realmuto is not the #BCIB anymore. There were enough signs in his game last year that makes one wonder if Realmuto is even in the top ten as a catcher, but I'm still not sure we can bet against him returning to a loftier status. Realmuto still has one of the strongest throwing arms for a catcher in the game, his pop time to second four hundredths of a second (1.83 sec) ahead of second place (1.87 sec).

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