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Make TG Fantasy Baseball Your Home

Why have your web browser automatically default to somewhere other than TG Fantasy Baseball? Now you can make TG Fantasy Baseball your browser’s start-up page in less than one minute. This way every time you start your browser, the TG Fantasy Baseball home page will automatically load and be the first site you see!  Find the browser you are using in the list below, and follow the simple instructions.

1. Click "Tools" on menu bar
2. Click "Options..."
3. Click the "Main" tab
4. Next to "Home Page", type ""
5. Click "OK"
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8
1. Click "Tools" on menu bar
2. Click "Internet Options"
3. In the homepage box, type ""
4. Click "OK"
Google Chrome
1. Under the Toolbar menu item, choose "Options"
2. Select the "Basics" tab
3. In the "On Startup" section, choose "Open the home pages"
4. In the "Home Page", next to "Open this page", type ""
5. Click the "Add" button
6. Click "Close"
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and 6
1. Click "Tools" on menu bar
2. Click "Internet Options"
3. Next to "Address", type ""
4. Click "OK"
1. Under the Preferences menu item, choose "General"
2. Locate the "Home Page" label and type ""
3. Click the red circle/x located in the top left hand corner of the box.
1. Click "Preferences" on menu bar
2. Select the "General" tab
3. Next to "Home Page Address", type ""
4. Check "Use address entered here"
5. Click "OK"