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SEA J.P. Crawford
Seattle Mariners
SS: 144  
2024 Projected Value: $8
Based on 10-team AL-only league

Player Stats      Daily Log
2024 proj 526 134 76 13 54 81 103 3 0.255 24.5
2023 534 142 94 19 65 94 125 2 0.266 35.0
2022 517 126 57 6 42 68 80 3 0.243 12.7
2021 518 126 57 6 42 68 80 3 0.243 29.0

Player News XML
Date News
2/21/24 Mariners 1B Ty France made changes to swing, added bat speed through offseason work at Driveline. Seeing the success teammate J.P. Crawford had working with Driveline Baseball a season ago, Seattle Mariners first baseman Ty France chose to seek the help of the Kent-based baseball development factory this offseason to help fix his swing.
2/12/24 Mariners spring training preview: Shortstop is set with J.P. Crawford. J.P. Crawford returns for his sixth season as the Mariners shortstop, and he’s coming off his best season in the big leagues.
2/09/24 Mariners spring training preview: Swing changes offer encouraging signs of a rebound for Ty France. This might read as a J.P. Crawford appreciation piece. And it is, to a degree. Really, it's about Mariners first baseman Ty France. But to understand what might be possible for France in 2024, it's instructive to look at the transformation his teammate, Crawford, went through a year ago. And if France can replicate something close to the breakthrough Crawford achieved last season, the 2024 Mariners lineup would become much deeper and much more dangerous — a legitimate contender, dare we say, in the American League. We'll dive into France's hopeful turnaround here as we continue our Mariners spring training position previews with a look at first base: Related Mariners position previews SP | How
9/30/23 Good News Only: J.P. Crawford's grand slam, Megan Rapinoe's triumphant sendoff, fiery rescues caught on video. Here are the top feelgood stories of the week; Good News Only!
9/30/23 Mariners get 8-0 win over Rangers. J.P. Crawford grabbed the celebratory trident and raised it toward the sky eliciting even more cheers from the fans in his home ballpark. Rarely has a home run - a grand slam in the midst of a playoff chase - felt as fulfilling as this one did for the Seattle Mariners shortstop. "I feel pretty good right now," Crawford said. Crawford hit his third career grand slam, Ty France and Josh Rojas had solo homers and the Mariners stayed in the thick of the American League playoff race with an 8-0 win over the Texas Rangers on Friday night.

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